Wednesday, September 15, 2010

St. Lutheran Church

Sadly, there is no wifi here, so I am typing this on Microsoft word. Actually, there is, but either I can’t connect to them, or they are locked. BTW, “here” means St. Lutheran School or something like that. It’s 7:34 pm, and I am here because my mom has a rehearsal and my dad has an AYSO thing, so I have to go with my mom. So, since I can’t connect to the Internet L, I will take notes on my mom’s fellow violinists.
Front Row:
· There is an old man with glasses. He seems to be leaning forward a lot, which means he’s either interested, or maybe he can’t hear very well. The front half of his head is bald, and in the back it is combed into sleek waves that slide down the nape of his neck. There is also a bald spot in the middle of that. His nose has a big lump in the center.
· To the right of the old man is an old lady with a really wrinkled face. There are lines going down from her mouth and it looks like it’s permanently chiseled into her face. Her lipstick is thin line of red against her white skin. Her beige pants are held up to her natural waist with a chestnut belt, instead of resting on the hips.
NOTE: Since describing everyone will take forever, I will only describe those that deserve describing.
· Second Row, behind the old lady: Has about five piercings on each ear. A pixie cut and thick glasses. She is wearing a white V-necked shirt with a blue something underneath. On her feet are unflattering black clog-like shoes.
Beside the “five piercings on each ear” woman is a large lady who has folds of her skin dangling over the next fold. Also has glasses like all the other people described

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