Friday, June 25, 2010

Notes on Two things

Okay, the first thing is if you've noticed, in my last to posts, I wrote stuff about Clarisse the Cow. The reason for this is because, once, when we were both hiking together at Mission Peak (which is filled with cows!), I went to close to a calf, and the cow got mad at me and chased me a bit. Ever since then I have not liked cows. And Clarisse got bitten by a Chinchilla before so she claims to not like them although she always signs her name as 'Clarisse the Chinchilla'. So that's how it started...

And, the thought train, which I said I'd describe in more detail in 'Surgery: The Final Frontier'. Basically, You connect an object, let's say a circle, and then the circle reminds you of drawing, which reminds you of homework, and so on. It's an interesting thing to do when you're bored, which I am almost all the time! I am constantly trying to invent fun games to play with yourself or others. One of my favorite 2-player game is Concentration, which I did not make up. It's a little like Lemonade with the hand clapping thing (Sorry if you can't understand this. I can't think of another way to explain this). And then you say:

Concentration (clap,clap, clap)
64 (clap,clap, clap)
No repeats (clap,clap, clap)
Or hesitation (clap,clap, clap)
You go first (clap,clap, clap)
I go second (clap,clap, clap)
The subject is (clap,clap, clap)
(insert whatever it is you have
decided the subject to be)

Note on the 'You go first, I go second' thing, it usually helps to determine who really goes first and who goes second, because you'll both be saying it at the same time. Unless your partner doesn't know the words and has to mumble along. For the rest of the thing, you just do what your subject is. For example:

The subject is (clap,clap, clap)
Names (clap,clap, clap)
Person 1: Angelina (clap,clap, clap)
Person 2: Clarisse (clap,clap, clap)
P1: Daley (clap,clap, clap)
P2: Emilia (clap,clap, clap)
P1: Mary (clap,clap, clap)

And so on until one of you misses a beat or stumbles. Like I said in the song-ish part of Concentration, no repeats or hesitation.

Hope you try it,


Where's my stuff?

I recently found a book that I think is really useful, so I've decided to share it with you.

S.O.S or School Organizing System

There are 3 ways to do this:

Option #1: The Three-Ring Binder

This system uses color-tabbed dividers to determine where everything goes. and a three-hole punch for all of your handouts. Depending on the size of your binders, you can use for each class, or put some subjects together. Most flexible because you can have as many sections as needed.

Ideal for: Classes that have tons of paper, like a current events class in which you read lots of photocopied news articles or a biology class that uses handouts in addition to a textbook. (personally, this is my favorite!)

Option #2: The Accordion File

An accordion file is a stretchable folder that's divided into sections.

Ideal for: Classes that use books as their main source of materials

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surgery: The Final Frontier

Surgery wasn't as bad as I thought!

There was a surprising amount of people up at 6 am; I even saw this guy who was decked out in a green, yellow, and black biking jersey and matching shorts!

When we arrived at the Surgecenter, I simply plopped down on one of the red couches, and started to read. Then one of the nurses called us over and gave us these wrist things with some info about me. Soon, another nurse came and took my weight and blood pressure. She then asked me to change into a gown (which was, like, a million sizes too big), put my hair up into this hat thing, and wear this slipper for my right foot. And, like most hospitals, all of this was in multiple shades of blue. I think this is because blue is supposed to be a relaxing color. I think that this is true because I have found that it is easier to fall asleep in a blue bedroom, then in a red bedroom. But then, that's just me. I could go on and on forever because certain things tend to connect with other things, and then they connect with.....Well, you get the point. I'll blog about the thought train another time. Now, back to the subject. After the anesthesiologist, Dr. Cooper came to talk to me about the kind of anesthesia I wanted to take (the choices were a shot, and breathing it in through a mask: I chose the mask because I hate shots. I'm not scared of them, I just hate them!) I was wheeled to the Operating Room, where they moved me from the bed, to the other bed with this cool fluffy and warm blanket to lie on. Then, I put on the mask and they started to pump anesthesia into my lungs. It smelled funny; like a mixture of plastic and evil that lurks behind a curtain of sickly sweetness. Yeah, I know that doesn't help but, that's how it smelled to me. The last thing I heard before I went under is: "Now we're going to put some stickers on you." DANDANDANDAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!

Later, when I woke up, I found out that the stickers were actually things that had sensors on them and were taking my heart beat! And now, there is this dressing thing on my foot that is pulled pretty tight (to stop the bleeding, I think). I wonder if blood is still getting to my foot! Must be because it's not asleep.

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Surgery

On Thursday, because of my foot, I have to have surgery. My appointment is scheduled for 7:30 am, but I am supposed to be at the 'Surgecenter' at 6:30 am!!!! I can't eat anything after 12 am (midnight) the night before surgery, which is Wednesday. I'm not even allowed to have a sip of water! Here are my instructions:

Preoperative Instructions

1. You will get a phone call from the hospital or surgery center. If you don't hear from them by 3:00 pm the day before surgery, call them to confirm the time that you should arrive there.

2. The time of your surgery may change depending on how the day goes or other patients' medical needs. Please try to be flexible.

3. Arrange to have someone accompany you home after surgery and stay with you overnight after surgery. You may not leave the hospital or surgery center alone.

4. DON'T EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY, including water, coffee, gum, mints, etc. You may brush your teeth and spit it out. Some medication is taken in the AM with a sip of water.

But, maybe it'll just slip out, and we can forget about this. Sadly, it shows no signs of coming out. I guess this is the better option to just leaving it in, and having to limp for a year. Also, I'm going to Colorado, and we'll be hiking and horse-back riding, and there is no way I'll be able to do any of that! Still, I would rather that I don't have to fast,get up at 5:30, and have surgery!! The doctor said that at Urgent Care (where I was when we first went to the hospital) they were to chicken to make a cut! That was not very reassuring; I keep on having images of them cutting apart my foot (Thanks a lot, Clarisse the COW!) Oh well, it'll make a subject for my 5th grade speech!

Sunday, June 13, 2010


For me, the last day of school (which was a nice and sunny day in CA) was spent in the hospital!! I stepped on a pencil, the graphite got stuck in my foot, and *poof* a great sunny day was spent in the hospital! we spent the whole day in the hospital because there was only one doctor on duty, and she still had patients from that morning waiting to be seen, so we had to wait until 3:15! Then, doctor #2 numbed my foot with a pad of some sort, then numbed it again with a needle, poked around in the hole caused by the pencil, and announced that a bigger cut need to be made. Turns out, she called Doctor #1 who said that it will probably come out by itself by Monday, and that I should soak it in hot water with salt in it three times a day.

But........ that still didn't stop me from going to my friend Clarisse the COW's birthday party at Great America. I sat in a wheelchair all day and was wheeled to a bunch of rides. Some people went on roller coasters like Vortex and Flight Deck (which I did not go on), and We went on Celebration Swings, and Rip Roaring Rapids.
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