Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

I'm back from my "blogging vacation"! Anyone miss me? :)
How was everyone's Halloween? I was an ear-less tail-less black cat since *no one* at CVS or Walgreens knew what pipe cleaners were! I asked for them, and the clerk led me to the household aisle and showed me the different types of cleaners! *shakes head*

A few updates:

I'm now selling on Etsy as SemalinaDesigns! Feel free to take a look around and tell me what you think! I'm working on a banner and maybe a logo or something for it soon, so ideas are definitely welcome!
My little "photographer's studio":

My collection of props ^^.

It was really just a white sheet draped on a chair in front of the window. The light was amazing and perfect, at least until about 2 PM, when the clouds cleared and it became too bright. =3=
Ah well, at least I got some good pictures!
A few of the photos I took:

Images belong to me.

I've started photo-manipulation and I love it! Recently got a Wacom Bamboo Tablet, and am on my way to getting better! My deviantArt account is (All the Os are actually zeroes!)
Some of my favorite pieces:

"By The Sea"

"Who's There?"

One of my earlier works, "Lonely Soul"

Please do check out my work if you have time ;) There are some really amazing artists on there.

What do you think about dA? Do you have an account?

I would love to know!



  1. Wow! I can see you're turning your home into an art studio, and you've already come out with some interesting works! Elephant pillows? Nice! :)

    How's the logo design going for SemalinaDesign? Can't wait to see it! Would you consider putting on some description on what type of the stuff you'll be designing for the store? And also, would you provide a link it to your blog? I think your customers would love to know more about the artist behind the works and want to have some personal connection with her. :)

    One more thing: do you have a Tumblr account? Tumblr encourages users to "reblog". When people come across your posts, if they like it, they reblog it so their friends will see it too. It's a good way for up and coming artists to push out their works to a larger audience. But do make sure you watermark your photos, so they don't get lost in "transmission". :)

  2. I haven't really come up with a logo I'd like to use, but I'm working on it :)

    I'm not totally sure yet what I'll be making (probably some stuff that crosses my mind), but I definitely will once I come up with some ideas! I do have a link to my blog on my Etsy page, and I will be having monthly giveaways starting from December 2011!

    I actually just created one: I will make sure to watermark my pictures in the future (:

  3. i <3 the pillows

    do they sell well?

    i was wondering cuz im thinking about selling jewelry on etsy

  4. Thank you! Glad you think so!

    So far I haven't had much business, but then, I haven't been able to advertise much lately. It's pretty hard to stand out from a huge crowd of talented artists, but I think of you really tried, you could be pretty successful.

    Go for it! It's fun and a great chance to work on your photography :)

  5. cool!

    wait I just noticed why are you going by Semalina?

  6. Hey, do you mind if I post the link to your etsy store on google plus?

  7. Because I'm Internet paranoid, and Semalina is close to my real name ;)

    No, not at all! The more places you post, the better! :)


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