Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue, Green, Orange

Some of you may have noticed that I changed my blog name. I changed it because a friend thought that Topic of the Week was too serious, and sounded like a business-ish blog. So, that friend helped me come up with Blue, Green, Orange.

I always thought that Sundays were the boringest day of the week. Then I thought that they were the funnest. Now, back to boring. Everything moves so slowly here on Sundays. It's like the world stops, and rotates really slow on Sundays.

Since I don't have any thing to write about today, I'll write about yesterday. First, we went to Foothills Park, and walked around to see what facilities they have because we're hosting a party next Sunday. Thay had a lot of cool stuff like a huge pine cone, a Great Gray Owl, and a Horned Owl. It had a weird smell in there. Probably because they always close the doors. Or maybe it just smells like that.

Lake Boronda

After that we went to Robert's Market in Portola Valley. I got some Lays Limon Chips for 99 cents, two pieces of baked Garlic Bread, and another piece not cooked. They don't have tax up there!!!! I wonder why.............

For horse-back riding lessons, I was riding Ty. Her trot was really bouncy; I could hardly sit during the sitting trot! Cantering didn't go so well either. I was too tired to really concentrate, so I nearly fell off. Hopefully one day I'll be able to canter on the rail. From what I heard, Cantering isn't that hard once you can sit in the saddle.

I saw a little girl trotting, and I thought, that was once me, I used to think trotting was so hard, and now trotting is probably the easiest thing I know. But that doesn't mean I'm experienced, Just that I think trotting is easy.

Soon that will be me.........

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