Wednesday, January 27, 2010

School ( and other various topics )

After dragging myself up at 7:00 in the morning to get to school, i think i might be able to actually get used to it even though I swore I never would. But then, I 'm not known for remembering oaths.

Today is, unfortunately, Wednesday, which means that unfortunately, I have to go to YMCA for swimming.

At school we rehearsed " Who Really Discovered America" . I am trying to memorize my lines as an interviewer, for no apparent reason. Maybe I just like memorizing things.

For Music, me and some other people that made the audition went around to two different general music classes to play Brahms Finale from the First Symphony (4 violins, 1 viola, and 1 cello). We also got or progress reports today. I got excellent for most things.

Lunch was Beef Enchiladas - so good!!!!! Had to eat really fast because Toy Story 2 was starting ( on rainy days we get to watch a movie. Today wasn't raining, but we got to finish it.) Even though I have already watched it , I still felt a kind of a lure to watch it again.

Although my horse-back riding lesson is on Saturday, everyday when I wake up my mind thinks that today is the day for a one hour horse-back riding session. I'm not very experienced; the only tome I've cantered is on a lunge-line, but I really enjoy it.

And now here I am, writing a post.


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