Friday, March 12, 2010

Trip to Vancouver Part 1

I have just gotten back from a trip to Vancouver, BC. We stayed for 5 days; almost a week. We would have stayed for a week except I still had school; Spring break is sill a while off. And now the story of what happened in Vancouver.......

On Sunday, my family and I lugged our luggage ( one huge suitcase, one ski bag, and two boxes with presents for our friends ) to the cab. I was surprised to find that the trunks are actually really deep, much deeper than a normal cars' trunk is. The driver was from Punjab, I'm not sure if he was talking about the state in India or Pakistan. My dad started grilling him about how to say things like thank you in Punjabi ( he claims to be able to speak Japanese, Deutsch, Hebrew, Chinese, English of course, and a bunch of other languages ). The driver ( I would call him by his name, but I don't know it ) replied that thank you in Punjabi was a mixture of English and Punjabi, so it would be hard to translate. My dad told him that bye bye was practically Chinese now; almost everyone in China says it now. Later, as we walked into the San Jose Airport, my dad told me that he knew the driver was Punjabi because his last name was a very popular one in Punjab: Singh.

When we finally found the Alaska Horizon Airline place to check in our bags, my hands had calluses on them from dragging the heavy gift boxes along. As my parent lifted our bags on o the scale, I glanced around. I looked a few people in the eyes, and all of them smiled at me. For some reason every adult I look at smiles at me!! So creepy! When we got to the gate, I noticed the
' Free Wi-Fi ' sign, so I told my dad and he got out his laptop and let me play on it! It helped reduce the boredom level. As soon as it was time to board, I stood up and started to head to the door. My mom and my dad didn't even look up from their newspapers! So then I sat down again. In a few minutes, most of the people were already on the airplane ( I think it was a Boeing 747, but I'm not an expert on planes ) . Since we went from the San Jose Airport ( Which is really small compared to other ones ) there was a mini ramp-like thing; the kind that you always see the President on when he's getting off of his private jet. When I got on to the plane, I immediately reached for the seat pocket thing. Sadly, since we were going with Alaska, not United, there wasn't one of those Sky Mall magazines to keep me busy. so, instead I pulled out my math book and started working on it on the plane. In what seemed like a few minutes, but was actually a few hours, we headed down to Seattle in a surprisingly smooth landing.

Since I've kinda run out of time, I'll just end it here.

Thanks for reading!

~ Whitegummy

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