Sunday, April 04, 2010

Just some random things

Ok, first of all, for you people who subscribed to my newsletter, I appreciate the fact that you're actually reading it, but please, instead of replying in email, could you comment?! Thanks.

Yesterday was my horse-back riding lesson, and I finally cantered!!! I was riding Cleo, a pony, and my instructor, Robin, asked me if I wanted to canter on the rail, and of course I said yes! I was a little nervous at first, but then I got used to it. For some reason, Cleo kept on going really close to the rail, so i almost scraped my leg! Thankfully, I didn't.

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  1. Yup. I will start commenting at your blog soon...(that is, instead of telling you how much I enjoy reading your blog at our dinner table, hehe )


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