Monday, November 29, 2010

Another pair of earrings!

So I made another pair of earrings that are a little heavier than the others:

They're really pretty, though, and these are probably the easiest I have made so far because instead of using eye pins, I just used some wire I had lying around. The hardest part for me is actually not making the earrings, bu thinking about what they should look like.

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  1. wow! Ok, you're a professional! If you sold those, people will fight just to get a pair!

  2. Thanks, Sandy! Maybe if you get your ears pierced I could make you a pair! :)

  3. Very nice! Pity that I don't wear earrings, hehe.

    Perhaps you can sketch a few earrings that you would like to make and show us your designs on the web, too.

  4. I would, but I don't know how! Do you mean take a picture of it?


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