Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jewelry Mania

Yesterday I went to Michael's and bought this cool glass beading caddy thing. Here are some pictures of it (With captions!):

That's the top part of it which apparently contains "fashion beads" according to the tag!

Below are some detachable containers with millions of seed beads. While pretty and mind-boggling to think about what you could do wit them, it's pretty hard to close the lid since the SBs (seed beads) keep on getting stuck between the two hinge-ish things.

I used this one the most probably. The colors are really pretty, but they aren't as vibrant when you string them on something :(

Cool colors are definitely my favorite and I especially like blue.

Metallic colors are good for standing out on darker skin, but there are also not very vibrant.

Below is some jewelry that I made in one day which I will never do again 'cause now my fingers are all red and raw. The bracelet took me a while, but the earring were really fast.

These are pretty, but I prefer longer ones that are teardrop shaped.
These are the most recently made; I am wearing them right now :)

The background is made of graph paper from last year's math notebook because I didn't want to get myself in the picture and I was too lazy to get the camera, so I just sat on the couch and used Photo Booth. Which is why there is a cushion in some of the pictures.

Thanks for reading!

~The White Gummy


  1. you made those!!!! wow your talented! i really like the bracelet you made how did you learn how to do that? It's sooooooooo good!!!!!!

  2. Thanks! I just sat down, thought of things, and made them. Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

  3. Hi it's Donna
    you might not remember me from breamar but hopfully you do!
    that was really cool how you made all that jewlery!
    i LOVE that bracelet you made by the way
    well hopefully i'll see you soon!
    luv u lots,


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