Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Favorite Things This Week!

Earlier today I decided to test Super Glue's power by dabbing it on my fingers... After frantic scrubbing, I managed to get most of it of, except for a few splotches which seem to be really stubborn! So I decided to write this post as kind of an ironic-ish thing. Click on the [via] to get the instructions.Here it is!

Cell Phone Cozy [via]

Expecto Patronum Shirt [via]

Tree Inspired Shelves [via]

T-Shirt to Summer Vest [via]

Little Owls [via]

worlds smallest postal service 3 The Worlds Smallest Post Service Kit from Chronicle Books

The World's Smallest Post Service Kit [via]

Moustache Madness [via]

That's all for now!


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