Saturday, February 04, 2012

DIY: How To Make a Kawaii Cat

Kawaii Dumpling Love {source}

I *adore* anything kawaii! I mean, those little cute faces! How can you even resist?
So I made a little kawaii cat pattern for you!

Please excuse my beyond messy handwriting :P At the moment I don't have my camera, so I can't take any pictures of mine, but I'll walk you through the process.

First, you gotta print the templates (shown above). Or you can kinda just eyeball it and draw your own. I recommend printing it out, but that's just 'cause I'm a perfectionist! For my cat, I used this incredibly soft grey felt for the body, white for the stomach and ears, and light pink for the cheeks. This is a digital version of what it looked like:

And here are the materials:

*1/2 yard of body fabric. You could probably get by with 1/4 as well, but I would say 1/2.
*1/4 of lighter fabric for the ears and belly.
*Pink scraps for the blush.
*Optional: Safety eyes. I didn't use these, instead I embroidered the them since I couldn't find any at the store..

2. Pin the template to the fabric and cut it out accordingly. You need two (2) pieces of the body ;). I didn't make a template for the blush, since I figured you could make yours an oval like I did, or a circle, but they're both easy shapes to cut out.

3. Once you have your pieces cut out, place the blush and belly on the body. Sew 'em on! Add the safety eyes (or sew) and embroider the nose/mouth.

4. Place the two pieces of the body fabric right sides together and match them up. Sew the edges together, but leave a small section so you can flip the cat inside out.

5. Stuff it! Then, whip stitch the end closed with matching/invisible thread.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you! I'd love to see any variations, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment!

See ya,


(Note: This pattern is intended for personal use only, and you are not allowed to edit, copy, or redistribute in any way. Thanks!)

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