Thursday, January 19, 2012

Coraline | The Making Of


I was looking around on YouTube the other day, when I cam across this video on how the movie Coraline was created. A few clicks later, lo and behold, I come across a video on the miniature knitter, Althea Crome. She uses knitting needles the same size as a human hair! *gasps* I can't even imagine having to pick up a stitch on such a small scale!
Watch her amazing knitting in action here.

Coraline is such an amazing stop-motion animation, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who haven't seen it yet. The plot is just on the line between real and fantasy, and it it capable of scaring even adults out of their wits! A few other videos on the making of Coraline:

Coraline: The Biggest Smallest Movie - Here.

were used to create Coraline's face in the garden.

for just one piece of dialogue.

5 miles of gold thread..

A forest of cherry blossoms..

See ya :)



  1. So awesome. I love learning more about stop motion!

  2. truly amazing,and wonderful


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