Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fractions and Decimals

I hesitated in posting this because I'm not sure that you won't take advantage of this. So please don't.
I am on the fractions and decimals book now. Actually, I was on it a while ago, but today the idea came into my head. Here is the knowledge I have gained by doing that book. If you are in my class, please don't try to take advantage of it and try to remember the names! Copyright Whitegummy.

The longest canal in the world is in the Western Hemisphere. It is 2,4000 feet long. The name of this canal is St. Lawrence Seaway.

Paleontologists believe that the biggest dinosaur that ever lived measured about 120 feet from head to tail and was about 18 feet high. The name of this dinosaur is the Seismosaurus.

That's all I'm going to do today.

As always, we rehearsed "Who Really Discovered America", but most of the characters were at the the school play, Revolution, so we didn't really rehearse that much.

Since there isn't that much to write about, this is the end of the post.


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  2. Angelina is putting a lot of nice pictures on it.
    Where did she get them?


  3. Angelina a.k.a. me is getting the pictures in awesomely secret places that she isn't gong to tell anyone.

  4. Very nice photos! And I think I can just google them somewhere, hehe.


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