Sunday, February 28, 2010

Olympics in Vancouver

Today is the Closing Ceremony Day. I am typing in front of the T.V., waiting for the Ceremony to start. I missed the Opening Ceremony because the thing where the nations come out and march around was the place where I died of boredom. I only watched for until it got to England ( I never knew there were that many nations that participated! )

They keep on replayed the scene where Lindsey Vonn finished the Super G, and as she comes down the slope and sees her time, she screams,and collapses on the snow. Maybe that's their favorite scenes or something :)

Many people think it isn't fair that the judges disqualified Apollo Ohno in Short Track after he had his hand on the South Korean in front of him. I take no sides. He has his eighth medal;everyone thinks that this is his last Olympics. It might be, but it also might not be. The chances are pretty even.

I really enjoy watching the Olympics, but the commentators should really try not to talk so much. Or, they could hire commentators who didn't repeat everything three times.
" Oh now he's getting closer, oh no look at the tip of her ski; it's one inch off! Oh no, her ski is off! She's going crash into the gate because of her crooked ski!! Oh no!!!"
Notice how much the words 'Oh no' and 'crooked ski' are repeated. So annoying, those commentators.

My favorite event is Figure Skating. They sometimes call it Ice Dancing, which makes me confused. I feel sorry for that woman whose mother died on February 21;she must be really sad, although she still performed pretty good. I'm no critic, but I can still tell which skaters are good and which aren't that good.

During the Olympics, there's a bunch of Visa commercials. Things about how none of the other cards are accepted at the Olympics. One of my favorites is the one about the girl named Jane who died, and then Her brother, I think, promised her that he would win a Gold medal. "He didn't ....... Not until six years later. As he skated a victory lap with his daughter, Jane, yada yada yada ( something I can't remember ) ".

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