Friday, June 24, 2011

Fresh Ideas For Summer Fun

outdoor playspace trampoline1 Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play

These ideas are so cool! I especially love the Observatory thing.

backyard halfpipe Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play [via]

treehouse Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play[via]

backyard chess set Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play [via]

backyard playhouse Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play

A garden mezzanine provides the ideal spot for summer stargazing. French website Du Cote de chez Vous provides detailed DIY instructions–unfortunately they’re only available in French, so you may need a little help from Google Translate.

sunken trampoline Fresh Ideas for Outdoor Play

A sunken trampoline like this one by Sixx Design takes care of most of the safety issues that plagued trampolines in the past. You can find DIY instructions here.

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