Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Part 1: Simple HTML Tags

Hello everyone! Today I was playing around on CodeAcademy, and thought I should make a series about how to code. Before we get started, I would like to say, I am definitely *not* a pro at this. I've learned the basics, and maybe a little bit beyond, but I still can't whip up flash games or anything like that.. yet. :)

Here we go! Part 1:

First of, I'll introduce you to the basics. How to make your text bold, how to add in a link, and other stuff like that. Yes, I know that you can do all that stuff with the toolbar, but you'll need it if you ever use a platform that doesn't have it.

Also, whenever you see the --, don't copy it as well, since the system assumes I'm writing HTML code, and you won't be able to see the tag.

<-b-> means bold. This is what it looks like. It won't work if you don't close the tag though! So this is what you type:
<-b->Hello World<-/b->
And this is what comes up:
Hello World
Easy right?

Same thing for Italics. Type:

<-i->Blue, Green, Orange<-/i->

And you get:

Blue, Green, Orange

You can also "mix and match" tags. For example, use the bold and the italics tag at the same time, and you get:

Welcome to my blog!

Remember though, first in, last out. This means if you use the bold tag first, end it last. Like so:

<-b-><-i->Example Text<-/i-><-/b->

Now on to Headings!

This is heading 1

The text behind this:

<-h1->This brings up Heading 1, which is the biggest<-/h1>

It also works for other headings, going up to 6.

This is Heading 4

Feel free to play around with this!

Next up, adding in Images!


The code is:

<-img src="" /->

That's all for today, but here's a sneak peek at what's in store next time!

Isn't this fun? :) Come back next week to learn how!

See ya :]


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  1. ahhh HTML i learned this last year!

    we had to make some webpages in computer science


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