Sunday, June 13, 2010


For me, the last day of school (which was a nice and sunny day in CA) was spent in the hospital!! I stepped on a pencil, the graphite got stuck in my foot, and *poof* a great sunny day was spent in the hospital! we spent the whole day in the hospital because there was only one doctor on duty, and she still had patients from that morning waiting to be seen, so we had to wait until 3:15! Then, doctor #2 numbed my foot with a pad of some sort, then numbed it again with a needle, poked around in the hole caused by the pencil, and announced that a bigger cut need to be made. Turns out, she called Doctor #1 who said that it will probably come out by itself by Monday, and that I should soak it in hot water with salt in it three times a day.

But........ that still didn't stop me from going to my friend Clarisse the COW's birthday party at Great America. I sat in a wheelchair all day and was wheeled to a bunch of rides. Some people went on roller coasters like Vortex and Flight Deck (which I did not go on), and We went on Celebration Swings, and Rip Roaring Rapids.


  1. Apparently, you were painfully happy when you were at the birthday party :-).

  2. OUCH! A pencil in the foot sounds painful! :( Hope you're feeling better this week. I missed you at my party last Saturday. Once you get well, we need to find something else to do together... and we'll make it something that doesn't involve pencils.


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