Thursday, June 24, 2010

Surgery: The Final Frontier

Surgery wasn't as bad as I thought!

There was a surprising amount of people up at 6 am; I even saw this guy who was decked out in a green, yellow, and black biking jersey and matching shorts!

When we arrived at the Surgecenter, I simply plopped down on one of the red couches, and started to read. Then one of the nurses called us over and gave us these wrist things with some info about me. Soon, another nurse came and took my weight and blood pressure. She then asked me to change into a gown (which was, like, a million sizes too big), put my hair up into this hat thing, and wear this slipper for my right foot. And, like most hospitals, all of this was in multiple shades of blue. I think this is because blue is supposed to be a relaxing color. I think that this is true because I have found that it is easier to fall asleep in a blue bedroom, then in a red bedroom. But then, that's just me. I could go on and on forever because certain things tend to connect with other things, and then they connect with.....Well, you get the point. I'll blog about the thought train another time. Now, back to the subject. After the anesthesiologist, Dr. Cooper came to talk to me about the kind of anesthesia I wanted to take (the choices were a shot, and breathing it in through a mask: I chose the mask because I hate shots. I'm not scared of them, I just hate them!) I was wheeled to the Operating Room, where they moved me from the bed, to the other bed with this cool fluffy and warm blanket to lie on. Then, I put on the mask and they started to pump anesthesia into my lungs. It smelled funny; like a mixture of plastic and evil that lurks behind a curtain of sickly sweetness. Yeah, I know that doesn't help but, that's how it smelled to me. The last thing I heard before I went under is: "Now we're going to put some stickers on you." DANDANDANDAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!

Later, when I woke up, I found out that the stickers were actually things that had sensors on them and were taking my heart beat! And now, there is this dressing thing on my foot that is pulled pretty tight (to stop the bleeding, I think). I wonder if blood is still getting to my foot! Must be because it's not asleep.

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