Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Surgery

On Thursday, because of my foot, I have to have surgery. My appointment is scheduled for 7:30 am, but I am supposed to be at the 'Surgecenter' at 6:30 am!!!! I can't eat anything after 12 am (midnight) the night before surgery, which is Wednesday. I'm not even allowed to have a sip of water! Here are my instructions:

Preoperative Instructions

1. You will get a phone call from the hospital or surgery center. If you don't hear from them by 3:00 pm the day before surgery, call them to confirm the time that you should arrive there.

2. The time of your surgery may change depending on how the day goes or other patients' medical needs. Please try to be flexible.

3. Arrange to have someone accompany you home after surgery and stay with you overnight after surgery. You may not leave the hospital or surgery center alone.

4. DON'T EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING AFTER MIDNIGHT THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY, including water, coffee, gum, mints, etc. You may brush your teeth and spit it out. Some medication is taken in the AM with a sip of water.

But, maybe it'll just slip out, and we can forget about this. Sadly, it shows no signs of coming out. I guess this is the better option to just leaving it in, and having to limp for a year. Also, I'm going to Colorado, and we'll be hiking and horse-back riding, and there is no way I'll be able to do any of that! Still, I would rather that I don't have to fast,get up at 5:30, and have surgery!! The doctor said that at Urgent Care (where I was when we first went to the hospital) they were to chicken to make a cut! That was not very reassuring; I keep on having images of them cutting apart my foot (Thanks a lot, Clarisse the COW!) Oh well, it'll make a subject for my 5th grade speech!

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