Friday, June 25, 2010

Notes on Two things

Okay, the first thing is if you've noticed, in my last to posts, I wrote stuff about Clarisse the Cow. The reason for this is because, once, when we were both hiking together at Mission Peak (which is filled with cows!), I went to close to a calf, and the cow got mad at me and chased me a bit. Ever since then I have not liked cows. And Clarisse got bitten by a Chinchilla before so she claims to not like them although she always signs her name as 'Clarisse the Chinchilla'. So that's how it started...

And, the thought train, which I said I'd describe in more detail in 'Surgery: The Final Frontier'. Basically, You connect an object, let's say a circle, and then the circle reminds you of drawing, which reminds you of homework, and so on. It's an interesting thing to do when you're bored, which I am almost all the time! I am constantly trying to invent fun games to play with yourself or others. One of my favorite 2-player game is Concentration, which I did not make up. It's a little like Lemonade with the hand clapping thing (Sorry if you can't understand this. I can't think of another way to explain this). And then you say:

Concentration (clap,clap, clap)
64 (clap,clap, clap)
No repeats (clap,clap, clap)
Or hesitation (clap,clap, clap)
You go first (clap,clap, clap)
I go second (clap,clap, clap)
The subject is (clap,clap, clap)
(insert whatever it is you have
decided the subject to be)

Note on the 'You go first, I go second' thing, it usually helps to determine who really goes first and who goes second, because you'll both be saying it at the same time. Unless your partner doesn't know the words and has to mumble along. For the rest of the thing, you just do what your subject is. For example:

The subject is (clap,clap, clap)
Names (clap,clap, clap)
Person 1: Angelina (clap,clap, clap)
Person 2: Clarisse (clap,clap, clap)
P1: Daley (clap,clap, clap)
P2: Emilia (clap,clap, clap)
P1: Mary (clap,clap, clap)

And so on until one of you misses a beat or stumbles. Like I said in the song-ish part of Concentration, no repeats or hesitation.

Hope you try it,


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